Spiritual Authors Christine and Cheryl Lyric

Christine and Cheryl Lyric are twins, seekers of truth, and consider themselves warriors of consciousness.

At the age of 18, they had their spiritual awakening. Driven to seek answers and a way out of years of depression, they embarked on an intrapersonal journey of self-awareness. They discovered that through the art of living consciously, they could ultimately find the love, peace, and happiness they were seeking within themselves. They want to share this wisdom with others who are ready to embark on their journey of awakening.

The twins were inspired to start writing after healing using non-traditional methods and techniques. Their unique path, spanning decades, has made them experts in tools and resources available for those seeking a holistic and integrative approach to well-being and happiness, as well as for those embarking on their path of awakening. Their goal is to inspire others to live consciously to connect with their intrapersonal tools to uncover the innate happiness inherently available within. They share their truth as a way for you to find your own. 

"If you have the courage to live consciously, you cultivate a deep and personal relationship with your authentic divine nature, which naturally leads to more happiness. You also discover that what you have been longing for is within you."

Christine and Cheryl