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Karen Lyric

In her fifties, Karen's youthful appearance has everyone she meets mystified. Through her intrapersonal journey, she learned how the mind influences physical ageing and discovered simple techniques to utilize in order to look younger and almost magically turn back the clock. 

She shares what she learned in her book Eternal Youth: Unlocking the Secret to Health and Vitality. The book offers you clear and concise methods for achieving a more youthful and improved version of yourself. Her insights and practical exercises will inspire you to discover your own internal fountain of youth! 

Karen Lyric author of Eternal Youth

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Linda Grant

Linda writes Fiction novels with personal empowerment messages. Her book Time Watch was the Grand Prize Winner for the first Balboa Press (a division of Hay House Inc.) Visions fiction-writing contest. 

Time Watch is a tale rife with adventure, romance, and intrigue. The Morgan family travels across lifetimes fighting a powerful force that's seeking to limit humanity and destroy the world as we know it.  As the Morgans struggle to survive and discover their roles in their respective incarnations, they learn valuable lessons about the mistakes of their past selves and how to make their future lives more meaningful and fulfilling.

Linda Grant Author of Time Watch

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